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Pathways Neuropsychology Associates

Psychologists & Brain Injury Specialists in New Jersey


Pathways Neuropsychology Associates is a mental health and rehabilitation private practice with 3 office locations in Central New Jersey that has been in operation for over 10 years. The Pathways team of professionals has helped thousands of people with brain injuries and other neurological impairments.

The chief practitioner initially contacted GCP in 2014 to redesign the existing website for his other ADD & ADHD Solutions business, which also required new branding, site optimization and marketing. Following that successful overhaul, we earned the next, bigger undertaking for his new venture, Pathways. Starting in 2016, GCP has provided the complete package for Pathways, from logo, print and website design to content development, SEO, online marketing, and more.

Our Roles

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Advertising & Print Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Conversion Metrics & Analytics
  • Hosting, Email & Security
  • Printing Services


With every new client comes the importance of understanding their specific business inside and out. GCP has experience with a wide assortment of business fields but this was our first in the medical industry. We needed to study the trade, collaborate on strategy and goals, and execute a full rollout in a short amount of time starting from scratch.

This group of associates also offers a wealth of services spanning a number of specialties. This posed the challenge of presenting tons of important information in an easily accessible and consumable manner, both on the website and in physical brochure form.

When COVID-19 began its rapid spread, healthcare facilities and doctors’ offices were shut down leaving Pathways’ patients with no way to receive the help they needed. It became necessary for us to immediately institute new methods for interacting with the psychologists and counselors.


On the design side, we started with the logo and branding to establish a professional and memorable visual identity for Pathways. Working closely with the staff to curate content, we developed a website that is vastly informational yet easy to navigate and highly optimized for searchability. Using corresponding material, a series of brochures focusing on specific health conditions were produced for waiting rooms and in-office use, along with all the stationery necessities.

Shifting considerable focus toward online enrollment, screening and video teletherapy sessions was imperative during the onset of the coronavirus. With the telepsychiatry system in place, there is no need for either patient or physician to travel to an office. This has greatly prepared Pathways for the inevitable future of healthcare.


Pathways Neuropsychology Associates was born, cultivated, and continues to prosper under the diverse set of design and marketing services GCP provides. Through years of positive performance, we have built a strong relationship on the trust and confidence that we can fulfill and exceed expectations.

We can put solutions like these to work for you. Give us a try with a free consultation today!

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